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Shadowlands Alfa Build – Facciones, Áreas, Razas, Logros, Monedas, Diálogos

No habrá objetos Forjados por la Guerra ni los Titanes en Shadowlands


La nueva versión de Shadowlands Alfa Build ya ha llegado. Os mostramos facciones, áreas, razas, logros, monedas y diálogos.

  • Facciones
  • Áreas
  • Razas
  • Logros
  • Monedas
  • Broadcasttext


Cambios en Facciones

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  • 9.0 Maldraxxus – AbominationsHouse of Constructs :: <Insertar maravilla de Ebert aquí>TBD
  • 9.0 Maldraxxus – LichHouse of Rituals :: <Insertar maravilla de Ebert aquí>TBD
  • 9.0 Maldraxxus – WarriorsHouse of the Chosen :: <Insertar maravilla de Ebert aquí>TBD
  • 9.0 Maldraxxus – End GameNecrolords :: <Insertar maravilla de Ebert aquí>TBD


Cambios en Áreas

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  • DredhollowCuenca Aterradora
  • Seat of Eternal HymnsTrono de Himnos Eternos
  • SagehavenRefugio Sabio
  • Preludio del Grove of Terror
  • Casa de las PlagasHouse of Plagues
  • Face of OblivionFaz del Olvido
  • El Otro Lado ARDArdenweald
  • Valley of a Thousand LegsValle de las Mil Patas
  • Dusky GrottoGruta Fusca
  • The Resting HoleLa Madriguera
  • UnderwealdSubforesta

Áreas nuevas

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  • Sightless Hold
  • The Master’s Keep


Cambios en razas

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  • Humano :: Humana::The noble humans of Stormwind stand at the forefront of the Alliance against the enemies of Azeroth.
  • Orco :: ::The mighty orcs came to Azeroth as conquerors, but now strive to reclaim their ancient honor and traditions.
  • Enano :: Enana::The stout dwarves of Ironforge are famed explorers who delve into the world’s ancient secrets.
  • Elfo de la noche :: Elfa de la noche::The mystical night elves defend the wilds of Azeroth against any who mean harm to nature.
  • No-muerto :: No-muerta::Raised into undeath, the Forsaken have built a bold future out of the ruins of a darkened past.
  • Tauren :: ::The massive tauren serve their beloved Earth Mother and protect the balance of nature.
  • Gnomo :: Gnoma::The diminutive and ingenious gnomes are renowned for creating countless technological wonders.
  • Trol :: ::Driven from their jungle homeland by rival tribes, the Darkspear trolls found allies in the mighty Horde.
  • Goblin :: ::Always inventive and often reckless, goblins are known as skilled engineers and talented merchants.
  • Elfo de sangre :: Elfa de sangre::Survivors of a brutal war, the blood elves drew strength from the magical Sunwell to rebuild their kingdom.
  • Draenei :: ::The draenei fled from demonic corruption and now lend their might to defend Azeroth.
  • Huargen :: ::A curse turned the humans of Gilneas into savage worgen, who harness their ferocity to aid their allies.
  • Gilneano :: Gilneana::The worgen were first unleashed upon the Eastern Kingdoms by Archmage Arugal. <PH>
  • Pandaren :: ::A spiritual and inquisitive people, the pandaren have a deep love for cooking, brewing, and adventure.
  • Pandaren :: ::A spiritual and inquisitive people, the pandaren have a deep love for cooking, brewing, and adventure.
  • Pandaren :: ::A spiritual and inquisitive people, the pandaren have a deep love for cooking, brewing, and adventure.
  • Nocheterna :: ::Secluded in Suramar for 10,000 years, the nightborne developed unrivaled mastery of the arcane arts.
  • Tauren Monte Alto :: ::Honoring the spirits of earth, river, and sky, the Highmountain tauren embody nobility and strength.
  • Elfo del Vacío :: Elfa del Vacío::Transformed by forbidden magic, the void elves were cast out by their kin and now fight for the Alliance.
  • Draenei forjado por la Luz :: Draenei forjada por la Luz::The Lightforged draenei were infused with the Holy Light to become living weapons against evil.
  • Trol Zandalari :: Trols Zandalari::The Zandalari revere their mystical loa and command one of Azeroth’s most formidable fleets.
  • Ciudadano de Kul Tiras :: Ciudadana de Kul Tiras::After years of isolation, the proud Kul Tirans once more lend their naval might to the Alliance.
  • Humano :: Humana::Kul Tiras was founded by fearless explorers who sailed uncharted waters in search of adventure. <PH>
  • Enano Hierro Negro :: Enana Hierro Negro::With fiery tempers and fierce determination, the Dark Iron fight alongside their dwarven kin.
  • Vulpera :: Vulpera::Cunning and resourceful, the vulpera have a knack for thriving in the harshest conditions.
  • Orco Mag’har :: Orco Mag’har::Once rival clans, the uncorrupted orcs of Draenor now stand united as the ferocious Mag’har.
  • Mecagnomo :: Mecagnomo::The clever mechagnomes strive to balance flesh with technology, making them innovative allies.


Cambios en Logros

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Nuevos Logros

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  • Breaking Bad: Defeat Echelon after shatter 18 or more Undying Stonefiends at one time in the Halls of Atonement on Mythic difficulty.
  • Ready for Raiding VII: Defeat Nalthor the Rimebinder in the Necrotic Wake without being struck by Comet Storm, Blizzard, or the secondary effect of Frozen Binds on Mythic difficulty.
  • Residue Evil: Defeat Executor Tarvold after slaying 8 Forlorn Captives with the effects of Residue in Sanguine Depths on Mythic difficulty.


Cambios en Monedas

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BroadcastText [SPOILERS]

Cambios en BroadcastText

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  • You are a soldier of the Formas parte de la noble Alliance, a coalition of nations dedicated to upholding the ideals of peace and justice across Alianza, una coalición de naciones que defiende los ideales de paz y justicia por todo Azeroth. ::
  • My children, I know the suffering you have endured.Hijos míos, sé del sufrimiento que habéis soportado. ::
  • The shortage of anima and the lack of new souls have inflicted terrible hardship upon us all.La escasez de ánima y la falta de nuevas almas nos han causado muchas adversidades a todos. ::
  • I fear further sacrifices must be made if Temo que habrá que hacer más sacrificios para que Revendreth is to survive this sobreviva a esta crisis. ::
  • Ah! The ¡Ah! El ser mortal who escaped the inescapable prison. A living soul restoring hope to the realms eternal.que escapó de la prisión inexpugnable. Un alma que devuelve la esperanza a los reinos eternos. ::
  • Begging my Master’s pardon.Ruego el perdón de mi Maestro. ::
  • You are a part of the powerful Horde, a united group of disparate races seeking to carve their own path within Eres parte de la poderosa Horda, un grupo unido de diferentes razas que intenta forjar su propio destino en Azeroth. ::
  • Two weeks ago, a Horde expedition sent to explore an uncharted island in the Great Sea disappeared without Hace dos semanas, una expedición de la Horda fue a trace.estudiar una isla inexplorada en el Mare Magnum y desapareció. ::
  • A rescue mission led by Warlord La señora de la guerra Breka Grimaxe has set sail from Hacha Macabra lidera una misión de rescate que ha zarpado de Orgrimmar with you aboard.contigo a bordo. ::
  • Your orcish blood thrives for adventure, and you seek to prove your strength and Tu sangre orca ansía la aventura y quieres demostrar tu fuerza y honor. ::
  • You bear the curse of the Forsaken, returned from the grave. It is your choice what you do with this second chance at life.Portas la maldición de los Renegados, que regresan de la tumba. Se te ha dado una segunda oportunidad en la vida, haz que cuente. ::
  • As a member of the wise and peaceful Tauren, you travel through Eres parte de los tauren, un pueblo sabio y pacífico, y recorres Azeroth to preserve the balance of nature.para mantener el equilibrio de la naturaleza. ::
  • The ferocity and pride of the trolls are known throughout La ferocidad y el orgullo de los trols son famosos en Azeroth. You set off for adventure to prove yourself amongst the many troll heroes.Te has lanzado a la aventura con la intención de demostrar tu valor entre los héroes trols. ::
  • You left the comforts of Silvermoon City to find power and greatness within Has abandonado la comodidad de la Ciudad de Lunargenta en busca de poder y grandeza en Azeroth, like many blood elves before you.como hicieran muchos elfos de sangre. ::
  • As a Como todo goblin, you know there’s sabes que la fama no fame to be made sitting at home. You set out for adventure, glory, and gold!se consigue en casa. ¡Vas en busca de aventuras, gloria y oro! ::
  • It’s up to you to find the missing expedition members and bring them home. For the Horde!Debes hallar a los miembros de la expedición desaparecida y traerlos de vuelta. ¡Por la Horda! ::
  • …starving…Hambrientos… ::
  • …and some, even defiant.Y alguno, incluso desafiante. ::
  • :: You have your own strength, Tienes tu propia fuerza, Shuja. Do not try to be anyone but yourself. Now, tell me what’s going on here.No intentes ser alguien diferente. Bueno, dime qué está pasando aquí.
  • :: I understand. The ogres are using necromancy to raise Entiendo. Los ogros usan la nigromancia para revivir a dragon from the dead.un poderoso dragón.
  • :: They need sacrifices like us to fuel their magic. They’re about to start Necesitan sacrificios para potenciar su magia. Están a punto de empezar un ritual that —para…
  • :: It has already begun. They’re going to use the life force they’ve gathered to reanimate the dragon!Ya ha empezado. ¡Piensan usar la fuerza vital que han reunido para reanimar al dragón!
  • :: Then we must move. Remember, when times are difficult, the Horde remains strong when we stay together.Entonces hay que actuar. Recuerda: en tiempos difíciles, la Horda es fuerte si se mantiene unida.
  • :: We’re going to put a stop to these rituals before the ogres can complete them. Let’s go.Detengamos los rituales antes de que los ogros los completen. ¡Vamos!
  • :: Earth Mother, guide my steps so we may flee this wicked place!¡Madre Tierra, guíame para que podamos salir de este lugar maligno!
  • :: The ogres and their vile servants have disrupted the balance of nature in this place!¡Los ogros y sus viles sirvientes han perturbado el equilibrio de la naturaleza aquí!
  • :: By me ancestors, ya be alive!¡Por mih ancehtroh, aún viveh!
  • :: Good job getting everyone out and blowing up that cave of spiders.Buen trabajo rescatando a todos y volando la cueva de las arañas.
  • :: Returned for more, necromancer? I can do this all day.¿Vuelves a por más, nigromante? Puedo pasarme el día así.
  • My paragon, you do not stand alone!¡Mi dechado, no estás sola! ::
  • Ah, you will work servirás. ::
  • :: Thanikos, ¡Thanikos, no!
  • What… is happening…to me?¿Qué… me está… pasando? ::
  • No! No! NOOOOOOOO!!!¡No! ¡No! ¡¡¡NOOOOOOOO!!! ::
  • Y-yes… master…S-sí… maestro… ::
  • A perfect reunion. Now please finish this matter, Una reunión perfecta. Y ahora zanja este asunto, Thanikos. ::
  • Magnificent. Bron’s strength is my strength. Our strength!Magnífico. La fuerza de Bron es la mía. ¡Nuestra fuerza! ::

Nuevos BroadcastText

Datos originales de WowChakra

  • :: It seems you have an eye for talent, warlord. I’m impressed.

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