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Need this amazon

Reddit | Diablo
21-02-2021 01:35:34
  1. Heroically attractive but not an anime waifu
  2. Resting bitch face - she's not fucking amused and ready to kick demon's ass
  3. Actually FITS this world and is a good reimagining of the old Amazon
  4. Just overall aesthetically pleasing

Good news is - game will be highly modable, so even if we gonna end up with Necromancer's younger brother as a Amazon that is currently the case - we gonna have model swaps and what not after release. That makes me happy. As for the console players... Well... I hope you guys are happy with current models.

Hi all! The team has most definitely been seeing the feedback over the last day regarding some of the looks on the character models. There may be some changes in the future so we appreciate all the feedback on this. In the end, the game is a lot of ways your game and not just ours so we want to make sure we do get it right :)


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