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Patchwerk is casting hateful strike every 1.6 instead of 1.2 seconds

WoW Classic Bug Report


Patchwerk is casting hateful strike every 1.6 seconds when it should be every 1.2. In Fusion’s log, the average HS interval was 1.65 seconds (147 seconds, 89 hatefuls).

here is a video from 2006, the group used an addon to track the intervals between hatefuls:

while there is variance, hatefuls generally occur once every 1.2 seconds for the entire fight. the PTR version of patchwerk is dealing significantly less dps than it should be.

20-11-2020 18:35:10

Thanks for all of the helpful information in this thread! We did identify an issue that caused Patchwerk to cast his Hateful Strike ability slightly less often than was correct and that should be resolved with Naxxramas launch in patch 1.13.6.

We also investigated reports of Patchwerk casting double Hateful Strikes on the same target in the same second and we put in a fix that should make this ability behave in a way that is more consistent with the original fight.

Lastly, we re-added the Slime Bolt ability to Patchwerk that was originally added in patch 1.12.1 to prevent a few exploits that were used to trivialize Patchwerk in 2006.

Thanks everyone!


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