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Mei Bugs Still Present in 1.50

PTR Feedback

Since the most recent set of nerfs handed to Mei a few patches back, there have been a handful of bugs that have gone unacknowledged. I would like to see these added to the known issue list to be eventually fixed. If they are not bugs (cryo targeting), it would be nice if a dev would state as much.

  • Mei cannot be targeted by teammates while in cryo [undocumented nerf, bug]:

  • Mei’s blaster requires an additional tick to freeze (30 -> 31) [undocumented nerf/bug]:

  • Mei’s cryo does not block enemy movement abilities (Rein’s charge, Hammond’s ball form) [bug]:

I’m not demanding an immediate fix, but some acknowledgement or communication one way or another on all of these would be nice. Mei already has enough critical bugs going unacknowledged, we don’t need more of them to fight with.

Edit: made links more copy/paste friendly

Josh Nash
24-06-2020 02:29:51

Thanks for bringing these points to our attention! We wanted to clarify some of things you’re bringing up, as some are intended, and others are being investigated. In the order provided:

  • It is intended that Mei’s Cryo-Freeze makes her untargetable by friendly abilities. This was implemented on May 19 with the note, “Now behaves like Mei’s Ice Wall when it comes to interactions. Cryo-Freeze will block line of sight and collision in much the same way.” Previously, Mei’s Cryo-Freeze would block damage and break line of sight from enemies, but it is now intended to be more consistent and behave the same way for allies as well (i.e. Cryo-Freeze also blocks friendly abilities, projectiles, bullets, etc)
  • We will take a look to see about the change in number of ticks. There was not an intended change to Mei’s freeze rate
  • We will take a look at Mei not stopping Reinhardt’s Charge / Wrecking Ball. Mei’s Cryo-Freeze is intended to serve as an immovable object (once planted on the ground) and disrupt line of sight

Josh Nash
24-06-2020 03:10:32

Feel free to respond in this thread, we’ll keep an eye out!


Josh Nash
24-06-2020 03:11:26

It is intended that Mei cannot be healed through Cryo-Freeze.


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