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New Experimental Card – June 23

General Discussion
Molly Fender
23-06-2020 20:22:55

Hello everyone!

Today’s experimental card features a few balance changes we’d like to try out (and if successful, add to the live game). Check out the Experimental Mode patch notes here.

We’ve been hearing feedback about Brigitte that she feels too powerful overall. We’d like to try some changes intended to bring Brigitte’s balance more in-line with other supports. This test will be focused on a key change to her Repair Pack that no longer grants additional armor when healing full health targets. Additionally, we’re testing some updates to her Barrier Shield that enable it to block more damage upfront but with more downtime if it gets destroyed.

We’ll also be testing some changes to a few other heroes during this phase of the experimental card being live:

  • We want D.Va’s gameplay to feel fluid and agile. We’re testing a few changes to her abilities that should allow for quicker reactions when using her guns and Defense Matrix.
  • We recently made some updates to Ashe’s gun (The Viper) to increase the power-level of her Primary and Secondary fire. We like how The Viper is currently playing, but Ashe is a bit too powerful overall. We’re testing a change to increase the cooldown on her Dynamite to decrease her area-of-effect damage while keeping her single-target damage intact.
  • In the Anniversary patch, we made some updates to Junkrat that unintentionally nerfed his ability to double jump with Concussion Mine. We’re trying out two quality-of-life changes here that should fix the double jump tech as well as how soon you can regain character control after using RIP-Tire.

We’ll be testing all of these changes in the Experimental Mode starting today. As always, we’re looking for your thoughts and feedback. Thank you!


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