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Main Story Line forces you to form a group

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Before anyone comments to say this is an MMO I’ve spent years on MMO’s raiding/grouping and being parts of guilds and kins etc in different games…as I’m 45 years old now been gaming since I was a kid and my tastes and interests have changed with a family/work and little time. I now spend my gaming time being a Solo Player in an MMO doing PVE. I don’t want to group up for quests where I’ve to chat to other players or work together I’m happy with events where a random stranger or bunch of players can contribute to events and get rewards based on contributions.

I hit Level 25 earlier today and was following the main quest to get an Asgoth staff, I was really disappointed to see that the progression of the main quest line was gated where it is now forcing me to team up with a group where 3 players need to do a expedition.

Is there anyway around this? could things be changed to let players that wish to do PVE/Solo content progress the main questline without forcing to group up ? Other games create scalable instance where depending on group size Solo, 3 or more the quest/mission can be complete in either a small group or solo…surely this is possible in this game too ?

15-10-2021 00:11:17

Thanks for calling these quests out, @naamtar. We’ll look at the quests - and possibly the encounters as well - to see if they need to be re-tuned.


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