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Replay UIs are getting broken by chatting with friends

General Discussion

I cannot chat in replays anymore without breaking the UI and causing really funny graphical glitches even.

  1. An empty folder, where I can even type in the search bar.
    Here is an image of it: https:// postimg .cc/sQbbv8G5

  2. A bar of the bottom of the screen to write in.
    Here is an image of it: https:// postimg. cc/3yvcz1cR

  3. And on the same image as in 2) you can also clearly see the UI for the ressources, supply, workers and APM missing (statistics panel, alt+E). The same is true for the side panel (alt+w) and the production panel (alt+F). You can hide the statistics panel with E and the side panel with R now, which might be intentional.
    This is caused by pressing ‘enter’ and then ‘backspace’.

  4. This is another menu with 2 drop down boxes and values that you can change.
    Here is an image of it: https:// postimg. cc/XrJJKGDx/dbc33c30

As you can imagine this is really frustrating when you are trying to watch some replays with friends. Please look into this.

Many thanks in advance.

Grant Davies
19-02-2020 10:00:29

Thanks for the reports, we’re looking into this.


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