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“We’ve spent some time in Torghast”

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Idkkkkkkkk about you guys, but I’ve spent a hell of a lot more than just some time in Torghast. I will admit that it can be fun being completely overpowered sometimes. But at the same time it is starting to get really repetitive and is becoming a chore in and of itself.

I will admit that the change with level 8 Torghast on alts was most definitely welcomed. But I hope that as we move forward, that they continue to streamline it, and maybe add in some more significant rewards. That would make it worth doing and actually feel like I spent my time well.

Also I think something needs to be changed with twisting corridors. I ended up failing it on floor 17 and it felt just as bad as you can imagine. I came out of it thinking “well there goes the 2 hours of my life down the drain”. And honestly I don’t think there should be any content in this game that makes you feel that way. Even when I spend hours on a boss in raid, I at least feel like I’m progressing towards something. I’m refining my rotation, or refining mechanics. But with Torghast I really don’t get a feeling like that, and I feel that will be something that will need to change in and for the future of Shadowlands.

21-02-2021 17:21:50

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