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Since I can’t submit a question as the survey is closed, I want to know, as do a lot of others if Blizz plans to address this “covenant only” use of a Battle Pets.

In Legion when a class got exclusive Battle Pets (DK’s, Shamans etc.) they were usable by ALL characters on your account, not restricted to class only. Why in the world did you make Covenant Battle Pets in SL restricted to characters who are in that covenant and not for use by ALL characters on your account?

There are people who do not have multiple characters they play but they want to collect all of the covenant pets and battle them, but because they don’t have enough characters for putting one in each covenant to get the pets, they are resorted to Covenant hopping to earn the pets, however all that work to regain Renown and other things to get the pets is mute once they change again, they can’t access the pet unless they are part of the Battle Pets covenant. Even then, once they choose a final covenant, and collect al 4 exclusive pets, 3 sit unable to be used.

Not sure why something so unfair was written into the game, it is like you want to punish Pet Battle players by saying “here are your new cute covenant pets, enjoy! BTW, only usable on the covenant holder character, sorry.” Lame game design if you ask me.

21-02-2021 17:17:45

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