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Total Mayhem - Permanent Mode & more

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At least for myself, Mayhem is a unique game mode in that it not only changes the goal (payload, mission, etc.) but also changes the way the game feels. It is, definitely a different game and provides a unique challenge with different strategies than simply changing whether it is CTF or Payload etc., as a result it has its own unique fans base and dedicated players.

I would love nothing more than to have it become a permanent option and not on a rotation. This makes it far easier to schedule gaming sessions with friends and makes it a joy, rather than a stress building endeavor, wondering if I have waited all day for the mode switch only in vain … another wasted evening grrr.

In addition :slight_smile: I would love to see Blizzard open up Mayhem to maps other than payload. Let us play time based capture the point or CTF as well. Make it a time limit 20 min with points acquired for each uncontested minute we hold a point with a bonus for holding it at game’s end uncontested. Lots of possibilities … not to mention competition Mayhem please oh please … there are lots of us who would love to have these options available.

Thanks for your consideration!

  • 2000k Hours of Junkrat and counting … isn’t retirement great :wink:
21-02-2021 16:53:51

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