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Diablo devs dont like their game or?

Reddit | Diablo
09-01-2021 21:05:05

I think they are hesitant to engage with the Diablo community directly because they are aware of the ill will created by Diablo 3 over the years.

Oh not at all.

The teams are pretty passionate about all of their work. I think it's just different sense of how each group and how different developers and publishers allow for that type of interaction. Some prefer to do it during big moments like a BlizzCon or a big beat with a game update. Some like to do it on a more regular casual basis.

I would actually love to hear what you all prefer?

I think there are pros and cons to each! My own thoughts... Pros to the more regular discussion is that you can see them more often. Downsides being that they take away from the community being able to answer and have an active discussion around a topic. Sometimes when a dev chimes in everyone just waits for that answer as its the one and only answer.

Pros to big beats is that there is more to talk about as new info is out right then and there. Cons being that it really is only during that big beat and feels like there are large gaps.

The community team tries to supplement on our side by jumping into convos or answering questions. We've just been a bit slammed over the last month with Diablo Immortal and BlizzConline coming up! Speaking of which, I'm looking forward to BlizzConline! :)


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