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Will we ever get % damage abilities that can be reduced by the different armors?

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Is it an oversight % damage ignores armor? Can the coding handle % magic or physical damage, or no? % maximum health in magic or physical damage means you’d take the same damage as our true max up damage % we have now, but spell armor or phys armor or even just armor would be able to reduce damage if you have the right armor. If the coding in this game is so bad that you can’t even include % damage that can reduced, that’s sad. I don’t think anyone’s asked the devs whether it was an oversight, or the coding literally can’t handle % damage being reduced like regular flat damage

20-10-2020 23:11:37

I just wanted to pop in here and say there isn’t a coding limitation and that yes, we could make % based damage mitigated by Armor, but we don’t want to.


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