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Are there talent names that bothers/annoys you?

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I was just wondering for other players since this game as a player base from many different other blizzard games.

When it comes to certain characters that you play ( or not ) are there talents that the name / effect dont match what the lore or gameplay normally would be and if it would be more accurate how would you tweak it ?

Tassadar: thermal lance : it currently does 8% damage when it his its first target of shock ray. However the original thermal lance belonged to the collossus units ( a giant mechanical protoss unit that shoots lasers ). In SC2 , the thermal lance upgrade would increase the range of attack of the collossus to help them not get destroyed by everything that moves faster then them .

In other to make sense name wise ( beside the fact high templars and collossus are nothing alike , but pair amazingly well together in a comp :+1:) i would just remove the % damage and instead increase the range of shock ray .

25-09-2020 23:08:01

Arthas’s Icy Talons talent makes me think he’s a bird.


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