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Can we start a movement here?

We console players should have acces to other sections of the foruns just as the pc players do! Restricting our forum access to just this “broom closet” of a forum section prevents us from engagement with the rest of the community.

We can’t even post/reply in class specific forums to discuss our builds.

We console players paid for this game too. Some of us several times! Personally I purchased D3 vanilla at launch for the xbox 360, then D3 RoS that was only obtainable via full price purchase of $60, then had to purchase D3 RoS a second time when the xbox one came out (no transfer of liscense given), then purchasing the necro pack. We deserve equal access to all forum sections.

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27-08-2020 22:53:25

Just coming in to say, we hear you all.

The issue doesn’t lie in the fact that we value PC more than Console or Console over PC. The player base is everywhere.

Verification of licenses for the game becomes difficult on third party forums so the licenses are restricted to the general discussion forums for those that we can verify as owning the game. This is why there is a separate Console Discussion so that those who do play that we can’t verify have homes for their topics/issues/etc.

We will see if we can find a better way at doing this in the future with the forums. I agree, it would be great if everyone could be able to post together.


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