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Experimental Mode – Moira Hero Updates, Take Two

General Discussion
Molly Fender
18-08-2020 20:02:57

Hello again, everyone!

We’re back with another Experimental mode focused on Moira (Patch Notes). We received a lot of feedback during our previous Moira tests, so we’ve been iterating on some new potential changes for Moira. Much like our previous test on July 23, 2020, these changes are not guaranteed to reach the live version of the game.

What are we trying to address?

In our previous Moira experiment, we talked a little about our goals for Moira’s gameplay:

  • We want Moira to be fun to play.
  • We want Moira to have the opportunity make big game-impacting plays.
  • We want Moira’s gameplay to feel skillful and dynamic.

As a hero, Moira is an incredibly reliable pick due to her high healing and damage output. This leads to Moira being perceived as easy to learn and consistent across all skill levels. The team has been testing some updates to her kit to address the goals above.

What are we testing?

This Experimental mode is an iteration on our previous test, with Biotic Grasp, Damage Orb, and Fade undergoing some changes.

  • Biotic Grasp’s attach angle will still be reduced by 37%, requiring her Secondary Fire ability to require more accuracy.
  • Rather than being based on proximity, Damage Orb will now deal damage by attaching to enemies. This is accompanied by changes that will require the ability to require more accuracy than the current iteration as well.
  • Fade will phase out nearby allies as it did in the previous test, but will no longer permit Moira or allies to escape Zarya’s Graviton Surge or Sigma’s Gravitic Flux (this will also apply to Reaper’s Wraith Form). We’ve also removed the previously tested cleansing effects. Given the power of Fade, we’ve also increased the cooldown slightly.

We hope you check out the new Experimental mode and provide us with your feedback! Science will reveal the truth – And all great science requires data! As always, this is an Experiment, so the changes in this test may not reach the live game.

Thank you!


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