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Blizzard Groups and Mentions now Available on Mobile

Blizzard Entertainment
31-07-2020 17:00:00

Looking for a few tips on your fire mage rotation? Maybe you want to lend a hand to someone honing their Hearthstone deck? Or maybe (if you’re anything like our app team) you just need a place to brag about your Warcraft III: Reforged ladder accomplishments? No matter the topic or goal, having a place to stay connected is priceless, and it’s even better when it fits neatly in the palm of one hand.

With our recent update to the Mobile App, your friends, groups, communities, and whispers are just a tap away. Read on to see how you can stay in touch without needing to stay tethered to your desk using the Mobile App.


Here’s What’s New:

  • Groups
    • One of the most requested features from the Desktop App is now on mobile. Groups make it easy to discuss strategies, set up play time, or just hang out and chat, now from the comfort of the couch, kitchen, or anywhere else you choose to take your phone.
  • User Mentions
    • Is your off-tank late for the raid? Now, you can tag a friend by adding an @ in front of their name to send them a notification in Groups or Multi-Chats.
  • Notifications
    • Never miss what’s important to you by easily editing your notification settings.
  • Performance Improvements
    • This update includes a faster launch time on iOS, visual updates, and performance improvements across all mobile platforms.


We hope you enjoy the new update to the Mobile Experience. We’ll keep working hard to help you stay connected with your friends, teammates, and the world of Blizzard. If you have any feedback, experience any bugs, or just want to say hi, visit our forums. We’ll see you online. GG!


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