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Patch 2.7 re-balancing mega wish-list

General Discussion

Creating diversity in diablo is hard. Players like to go for build with the highest possible damage potential. When all set has the same damage potential, players would most like chose the easiest and the fastest set to play.

If the aim of balancing in 2.7 is to create diversity, I believe we cannot just change the number in the gear. We also need to provide quality of life changes to the underperforming set. Hidden mechanism, annoying mechanism, ramp-up should be removed or reduced.

I have lay down most of those idea and suggestion in the following post. Please let me know if I have missed anything. I will solidify it and update accordingly.

Suggestion for all class

Guardian’s Jeopardy:
(2) set: increase your attack speed by 30%
(3) set: You gain movement speed and dodge chance based on your attack speed bonus on gear

I want the set to become gear for speed farming. The dodge chance would make the maintain of Squirt’s Necklace easier to class that don’t have shield.

Demon’s hide
(2) set: 25% area damage
(3) set: Gain damage reduction based on the 50% of your area damage
(4) set: You no longer trigger area damage but gain a 500% area damage as damage bonus to the first enemy hit.

I want to do something crazy with Demon’s hide set. The 4 set is design to completely change the function of area damage to damage bonus on the first enemy hit. This way RGK build will have an extra gearing option, and it may also help solo build that have trouble dealing with a single target.

Krelm’s Buff Bulwark:
(2) Set: 50% control and impair reduction
(3) Set: You deal 50% increased damage for 4 seconds and heal for 30% of your missing life after hit by a control impair effect.

The aim of this set is to provide control impair immunity to class without transformation option.

Blackthorne’s Battlegear
(2) set: +1500 all stat
(3) set: You are immune to Desecrator, Molten, and Plagued monster ground effects.
(4) set: Staying on the ground effect increase your damage by 10% each second

This bonus will stay true to the Blackthorne theme, and making it useful in the same time.

Hallowed Protectors: Hallowed Barricade can now roll a random element
(2) set: +500 all resistance,15% attack speed, 50% increased block amount
all affix on your shield is also apply to your allies. (also work on follower)

This will open up a new support build, and it should make followers stronger and thus closing the difference for solo and group play.
Now you have to hunt for a shield that provide elemental bonus, critical chance, area damage, cooldown reduction and skill damage on your follower. Good luck for that :).

Improve amulet option:
Xephirian, The Star of Azkaranth, Countess Julia’s Cameo, Talisman of Aranoch and Mara’s Kaleidoscope. Now also provide 40% elemental damage of their corresponding element.

Overwhelming Desire: Chance on hit to charm the enemy. While charmed, the enemy takes 80% more damage

Golden Gorget of Leoric: After earning a massacre bonus, 4–6 Skeletons are summoned to fight by your side for 10 seconds.
All pet deal 100% increased damage.

Flavor of time and Squirt’s Necklace is just too strong. They effectively removed option in the amulet slot. So I would like to add more options to it.

Improve ring option:
Stone of Jordan: Elite damage moved into legendary affix, elemental damage become an extra affix. AKA now it is possible to roll a trifecta SOJ

Pandemonium Loop: Enemies slain while Feared die in a bloody explosion and cause other nearby enemies to flee in Fear and takes 80% more damage.

Wyrdward: Lightning damage has a 25% chance to Stun for 1.5 seconds and deal 50% increased damage.

Nagelring: Summons a Fallen Lunatic to your side every 10 seconds. All pet deal 50% increased damage.

Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band: You drain life from enemies around you and cause them to take 30% increased damage.

Krede’s Flame: Taking Fire damage restores your primary resource. You deal 30% increased fire damage.

Band of Hollow Whispers: This ring occasionally haunts nearby enemies, also cause them to take 50% increased damage.

I have also created a post for quality of life improvement.

22-07-2020 22:49:00

Thanks for the share, links and thoughts. This definitely took a lot of time and love so thanks for this! I look forward to finishing up the read(s).


24-07-2020 21:03:11

As of late, feedback towards the season experience, new set/class/item adjustments and general thoughts on Diablo have been the key topics read and shared with the team. I personally commit to spending time to also shed light on topics and discussions like these that tap into creative player thoughts that can spark inspiration for the team.

Please x1000T keep sharing of ideas and recommendations knowing that the community team is here to amplify your voice!


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