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Hi all,

In my web application, I would like to collect and display the profile image of each boss in a raid. I followed the various chains of APIs until I got to an actual link to the image (for example render-eu.worldofwarcraft .com /npcs /zoom / creature-display-92912.jpg for Wrathion) but I am greeted by an ugly 403 Forbidden page.
I don’t want to download the image, just display the image inside an image HTML tag.
Surely I am missing something, I’d like some help figuring out what.

Thank you so much.

Kind regards.

16-07-2020 19:36:44

Hi SilentStorm,

This appears to be a bug where the render for Wration at creature-display-92912 is missing.

Could you please provide the URL (please ommit the oauth token value) to the media document where this asset is referenced?

Thank you.


24-07-2020 20:00:06

Hi SilentStorm,

Thank you for these detailed notes.

As you’ve noted, we determined that a number of creature-display records were missing their static assets. We’ve now published these missing assets.

Thank you again and please do let us know if you experience any further issues.


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