Volver al Bluetracker Mobile App on iOS - Cannot login (Line’s Full error) Mobile Bug Report

Hey all,

As the title says…i cannot login into the Battle Net Mobile app on my iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 13.5.1
Once i put in my credentials ,i will get the following error:

Line’s Full - We’re currently experiencing an unusually high amount of traffic. We’ll get you in when we can, so please try again later!

I have tried to login via 4G mobile connection and via my home Wi-Fi and i have the same issue.
Also via desktop over the same Wi-Fi connection i am able to connect on the web version.

Region: Europe
Country: Romania

Is there a known issue? what is going on?

23-07-2020 22:54:18

This issue has been resolved on iOS. Please retry logging into the application and let us know if you’re running into any other issues. We’re still investigating the issue on Android, and progress can be tracked in the pinned forum post.


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FEEDBACK: Mythic Sludgefist

hace 39 minutos

FEEDBACK: Mythic Sludgefist

hace 39 minutos

Patch 1.23.5 Notes

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