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StarCraft II 4.12.1 Patch Notes

Blizzard Entertainment
16-06-2020 21:07:13


  • Maps
    • Golden Wall LE
      • Expanded the Reaper path near the natural base locations to require more than one structure for a wall off.
    • Heavy Artillery LE
      • Updated the terrain in the middle of the map to allow for increased maneuverability.


  • Collection
    • Fixed an issue where the default skin for the Armory had altered textures.
  • War Chest 6
    • Fixed an issue where several Ihan-rii structure models would appear to warp-in/out during their warp-in animation.
    • RCZ Spine Crawlers will now correctly have range indicators displayed with their pre-placement models.
    • Tyrador Missile Turrets will now correctly have range indicators displayed with their pre-placement models.
    • The “Learn More” button on the War Chest now correctly redirects to the current War Chest URL instead of the previous War Chest URL.
  • Versus
    • General
      • Shield Battery
        • Fixed a visual issue with the Shield Battery's pre-placement splats that caused it to display shadow trails.
        • Fixed an issue where the pre-placement image did not change color when in range of a Nexus on low graphics quality settings.
    • Maps
      • Flashback LE
        • Fixed an issue where creep could not be spread to certain areas of the map.
      • Pillars of Gold LE
        • Fixed an issue with Reaper pathing by slighting increasing the size of certain Reaper paths.

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