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I made a Summer skin for Anduin, a new mount and updates to Summer Jaina

Reddit | heroesofthestorm
14-05-2020 09:13:06

Could not find a talent or ability for "Inflatable Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker". Sorry!

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You put a lot of effort into these and it shows. Suns out Guns out was a really fun pack and we would love to revisit it and who wouldn't love an Inflatable Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker.

I'm glad you built everything from scratch. It's the best way to learn. If you're not making mistakes then you're not able to improve. I did it. I still do it. You'd be hard pressed to find an artist that doesn't learn something from everything they do. Awesome ideas and you did really well in the way you showcased them with animations. Presentation is 9/10ths of the law.... I think that's how it goes.

Some things that we tend to keep in mind when doing skins where we start removing armor. We tend to bulk up the character quite a bit. For example. Janitor Leoric has a lot of armor normally. For this skin we had to take a Janitor coverall and give it more mass than a skeleton posing as a janitor would have. We also had to give him some sort of shoulder pad to make up for the mass as well. This is where we have to kinda get a little creative. You still want the character to be recognizable from game view while retaining most of the silhouette. It gets tricky sometimes.

Keep it up!


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