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Jeff said they were going to be more crazy with experimental

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First of all, i absolutely love the fact that we are getting much more dev updates and changes. It really improves the game from a mental pov. They said this year, their goal is to update more frequently and no hold back as much when it comes to changes. They held their deal on the frequency part, but not the holding back.

This experimental card is the perfect example of that. The tweaks are just so small you barely notice a difference. In my opinion, they should stretch the boundaries and if all hell breaks loose, just tone it back, it not like its on the live servers. Sometimes crazy changes actually improve the game with out the devs even realizing it would until after they do it. Its called experimental card for a reason, they need to… EXPERIMENT.

This is just my opinion. They should try out new things that arent just small little buffs and changes. k thanks

Jeff Kaplan
13-05-2020 02:35:57

you’ll see a mix of changes on the experimental card. we have some more “interesting” things planned but those things usually require a lot more effort. it’s still useful for us (and for the community) to test balance changes as well.


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