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1 dollar charged transaction failed

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Bought modern warfare from blizzard yesterday using chrome, all details correct, and my blizzard even needed a verification code from my phone to check that it was my account. Anyway, it says that the transaction could not process or something like that, however my bank account was charged the usual £1 pre authorisation fee. Fast forward to right now, 24 hours later, and the £1 hasn’t been refunded, the normal £32 price of the game hasn’t been payed from my account, and I haven’t received the game. What’s going to happen now?

16-05-2021 18:41:41

You’d have to talk to your financial institution as we do not control when they release these test charge reservations. You can read more about them here:

So you simply need to wait or you can contact them. As for your game payment, there may be a problem on the banks’ end. I don’t see any payments for £32 on this account you are posting from, no orders were initiated so the bank may be blocking payments to us.


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