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Loan Talents Round 2!

Reddit | heroesofthestorm
12-05-2021 02:57:54

Question: How will these display on the talent tracker?

As a quest, where filling it up is bad, or as a quest where it emptying is bad?

And will they have a different colour?

Also, it strikes me that this sounds very similar to those "brett timers" that were datamined ages ago - something to punish you personally for dying.

They appear like a normal completed quest that loses progress as you acquire deaths.


12-05-2021 03:16:48

How does baseline at lvl 13 work?

Effect is included into every talent choice at the lvl 13 tier?

It's a baseline "quest", complete with announcements, that auto-completes once you reach level 13. We felt it was important for the enemy team to know that they now need to watch for big hooks from the shadows.


12-05-2021 03:41:59

Answer me this, o wise developer:

Is every hero in the game getting loan talents like this & are there multiple for one hero? Are they a permanent thing or will they be like the Nexus Anomaly?

Or will that info be revealed in the coming days 😢

We're only planning to give this to Heroes where it's appropriate (sorry Abathur) and we're approaching this addition as being a permanent one.


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