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Sometimes my hotkeys stop working

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Hi first of all I am a big fan for your games. But there is one thing that really is ruining the game. Sometimes when I am in the middle of a Starcraft 2 game my hotkeys doesn´t works. This is weird because when I start up the game the hotkeys works and then in the middle they just stop working and later they works again. And All the time I can use the mouse and click instead of using hotkeys but this is just too slow and I can´t warp in units. So I normally lose the game because I was unable to use the hotkeys for some minutes. I don´t think I am during anything wrong but this is really annoing and ruining the game for me please help thank you very much :slight_smile:

18-04-2021 18:38:46

Is it possible you may be using the Windows Shortcut for changing languages on your Keyboard? This can cause your hotkeys to stop working if you accidentally shift the language in the middle of a game.

You might want to try resetting your Keybinds and make sure they work through a few games, then restart the game and set up any custom ones you might use again. Hopefully this should then save them.

Do you play the game from your main drive? Or is it on another drive?

If you can please upload your system files to and reply with the links to the files using the preformatted text option to encapsulate the links. This could help us spot any other possible issues.


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