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From the Vault: The Lich King Collection - now live on the Blizzard Gear Store!

Blizzard Entertainment
13-04-2021 00:00:00

As Blizzard celebrates an epic 30 years, we will be releasing limited-series goodies each remaining month of 2021. In April, we are celebrating the Lich King. Check the Blizzard Gear Store every second Thursday of the month—you never know who (or what) we will be celebrating next!

Release 1 of 8 – the Lich King Collection

arthas statue.pngarthas sketch.jpg

Lich King Arthas 26'' Premium Statue
Prince Arthas Concept Art Print 8x10 - Limited Release
Arthas Helm (Legacy Product)

Few have fallen into darkness as completely as the former prince of Lordaeron, Arthas Menethil. From noble beginnings, Arthas’ calculated decisions led him to corruption and despair. He slaughtered those he loved, and many curse his name to this day. As the Lich King, he ruled over a land as bleak as his heart, and his story is a warning to those seeking revenge at any cost.

If Arthas is your jam, head on over to the Blizzard Gear Store, and we’ll see you next month when we will reveal what we’re pulling from the vault next. 


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