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Sc2 hotkeys issue

StarCraft II Technical Support


I have my first control group at Q instead of 1. Normally by clicking Q twice, my camera will focus on the target (worked yesterday). But today, it won’t focus on the target by pressing QQ. And some other issues as well which I can’t recall.
All other hotkeys 4,5,G,V etc. work if I double click them.

Another problem is the screenshot “mode”. I’m already using Shift + Alt + T in my hotkeys. While playing, Shift + Alt + T kicks me out of the game entering screenshot “mode”. Is there no way to change this screenshot “mode” with some other hotkey or somehow disable it?

Thank you for your time

21-02-2021 18:26:56

You might want to check the Keybindings in the menu and see if they’ve been changed. You should be able to set to defaults if they’re not as they should be, or you can adjust them manually in there.


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