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WoW Shadowlands API Update - Covenants, Soulbinds & More

API Discussion
18-11-2020 02:08:38

Greeting adventurers,

We are pleased to announce the release of new APIs and resources in support of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

Please find the list of new APIs and resources below:

Game Data API

Please note that this data may not be available in all regions. Data will become available in each region as the region completes its weekly patch.

Namespace: static-{region}


Covenants Index


Covenant Media{id}


Soulbinds Index



Conduits Index


Tech Talent Trees

Tech Talent Trees Index

Tech Talent Tree{id}

Tech Talents

Tech Talents Index

Tech Talent{id}

Tech Talent Media{id}

Profile API

Namespace: profile-{region}

Character Soulbinds

Please note that this data will not be available, or represented as href links in character documents until AFTER Shadowlands is live and characters have experienced a logout.{realm-slug}/{name-slug}/soulbinds

As always, please keep an eye on the official documentation site for updated API references, which will be going live over the next couple of days.

Happy coding!


18-11-2020 18:52:07

We’ve updated the original post to now include examples related to the character profiles document changes.


19-11-2020 17:43:27

Hi Seriallos,

Please see below for an example constructed to demonstrate a conduit with an active socket.

  "traits": [
      "conduit_socket": {
        "socket": {
          "conduit": {
            "id": 119,
            "key": {
              "href": ""
            "name": {
              "de_DE": "Schwerer Regen",
              "en_GB": "Heavy Rainfall",
              "en_US": "Heavy Rainfall",
              "es_ES": "Precipitaciones intensas",
              "es_MX": "Lluvia potente",
              "fr_FR": "Averse torrentielle",
              "it_IT": "Pioggia Pesante",
              "ko_KR": "거센 장마",
              "pt_BR": "Precipitação Pesada",
              "ru_RU": "Могучий ливень",
              "zh_CN": "瓢泼大雨",
              "zh_TW": "滂沱大雨"
          "rank": 1
        "type": {
          "name": {
            "de_DE": "Potenzmediumsplatz",
            "en_GB": "Potency Conduit Slot",
            "en_US": "Potency Conduit Slot",
            "es_ES": "Ranura de conducto de potencia",
            "es_MX": "Ranura de conducto de potencia",
            "fr_FR": "Emplacement d’intermédiaire de puissance",
            "it_IT": "Scomparto Condotto della Potenza",
            "ko_KR": "잠재력의 도관 칸",
            "pt_BR": "Espaço de Conduíte de Potência",
            "ru_RU": "Ячейка для проводника силы",
            "zh_CN": "效能导灵器插槽",
            "zh_TW": "威能靈印欄位"
          "type": "POTENCY"
      "display_order": 0,
      "tier": 1

02-12-2020 02:11:14

Greetings all,

Thank you for reporting these issues to us. While we are unable to provide an estimate on when we may be able to address these reports, but we did want you to know that we have received them. Thank you for your patience.


15-12-2020 19:36:11

Greetings all,

An update on the Conduit and soulbinds API: with regional restarts in support of today’s scheduled maintenance, data for characters who log out after the maintenance period will now reflect only those conduits which are currently active for a given soulbind.

Please note that a Battlenet-Schema revision number change will not take affect for this change, and as such we recommend relying on the last modified date for individual documents if/when determining whether consumed data is pre or post fix.

Thank you again for your patience as we addressed this issue.


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