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The problem of getting a picture of the hero

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I created an account, pumped the hero up to level 10, and when I request the api, I get all the information except the hero’s picture, a 404 error is returned. Trying another account, all information, including the hero’s picture, comes from the API. How long does it take for the hero picture for a new account to be in the API?${realmSlug}/${characterName}/character-media?namespace=profile-eu&locale=ru_RU&scope=${scopes}&access_token=${token}

17-11-2020 19:01:56

Hi Animator,

The answer is that it depends.

The “Media Document” (character-media) isn’t available until after the character has been processed on the first log out after reaching level 10, and the characters images generated. This processing happens in a queued manner, and during periods with a lot of logouts occurring, it can take a long while for the queue to be worked through. We recommend being defensive in your application to cover cases where the character-media document does not exist, or where properties on the document are not available yet, as it is possible that for a period of time these values could be missing while the data processing is queued.


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