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EU Leaderboards - Not recording GR clearance records

General Discussion

The leaderboards on EU have been intermittently not recording GR records. This issue has been going on for weeks, seemingly more frequent after server maintenances, and has been reported many, many times…

From EU Technical Support

From US Bug Report

From US General Discussion

Would it be possible for us to get an official response to at least acknowledge that you’re investigating this? Right now, it’s extremely discouraging to finally get a push clearance and potentially miss out on a leaderboard spot due to this fault.

18-08-2020 03:33:53

Finished a chat with the team and wanted to share that this issue has been resolved. Thanks to everyone who chimed in & shoutout to @meteorblade who made it super easy for me to find the best place to share this on.

If this issue still persists, please let us know!


17-11-2020 01:36:17

The team was to confirm that a fix has been applied to the issue. Leaderboards should now be correctly recording clears. I’m going to keep my eye on this thread - so if you have any updates of clears not recording, please post up here.


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