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Mei needs some talent buffs.

Reddit | heroesofthestorm
28-10-2020 02:10:05

her popularity has plummeted

To 40%.

I'm not going to talk about her winrates

Mei's winrate is 53%.

Statistically, Mei should be nerfed.

She's got an above average win-rate at every level of play, trending slightly lower as you get into Diamond +. Her talents tiers generally have one pick that is more heavily favored, but the competing options have similar (or higher!) win rates (except Heavy Pack [RIP]). Overall I think she's in a pretty good place, could probably stand slight nerfs, but not at all problematic.

I get a fair bit of success pairing her with another heavy frontline like Blaze or Imperius. She's not the type that wants to soak up useless damage like an ETC or Mura could, gotta be more slippery and wait for that CC chain opportunity to open up or the perfect angle to isolate a squishy. Also, the more you can keep melee and tank heroes at an arms length w/ slows, the more of their time you can waste and the larger potential for them to misplay/overextend.


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