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It seems after the maintenance today, the address of the D3 website became instead of and we can no longer choose the region of the website we want to visit from the region/language menu at the bottom.

Making matters worse, the server automatically redirects us to whichever the closest region forums and leaderboards based on our ip address. As matter of fact, I had to use my browse history to find the address of US forums to be able to come here and post this.

Do you have any idea how stupid this is? I certainly hope this is an oversight and you get the web team to fix it and let us change the region we want to visit asap.

08-10-2020 19:48:15

Just an update on this - Our web teams are looking into some of the issues here.

We did do a migration of the Diablo 3 site to be more in-line with other Blizzard franchises. is now the new URL for Diablo 3 and with this came a few hiccups that we are looking into.

RE: Regional selection for forums, we suggest using the footer at the bottom of the page to adjust language preferences which will redirect to said forums/pages.


09-10-2020 00:11:54

Just to clarify, the characters items is a totally separate issue that I said the web team is looking into. The footer at the bottom is for web/forum usage specifically.


09-10-2020 02:51:21

Web team has made some adjustments today.

New URLs for Leaderboards



You can also adjust regions on the leaderboard on the top left as noted earlier in this thread. They were still testing things out throughout the day.

Likewise, they also brought back the region select to the profile page. Players will be able to self-select to view additional regional profiles outside of the one they are currently in.


13-10-2020 22:38:46


The web team has rolled back the domain issues for the time being so this should alleviate leaderboard/profiles/regional content issues you all were experiencing. We’ve kept the new domains as well so any bookmarks will still be valid. Caching issues may take a hot second for this to reflect the changes but they should appear now or very shortly.

If you are still experiencing any issues, let us know.


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