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Diablo IV Quarterly Update - Q3 September 2020

Reddit | Diablo
30-09-2020 00:10:06

Blizzard, thank you again for the communication. The transparency helps and makes us feel heard and involved.

1) I am excited by the philosophy of only allowing 30-40% of talents in a build; please consider making respeccing relatively costly. It doesn’t have to be impossible, but it should be a bit of an ordeal.

2) I appreciate the willingness to listen to criticism and iterate on the Power system and legendary itemization. Looking forward to that post.

3) Your hypothetical question of “should we make Magic items have stronger affixes” — YES. The answer is yes.

Keep it up.

Thanks. Huge fan of these developer updates as it does give you guys a better peek behind the curtains as opposed to the long silence that comes in game development. It also allows the team to bounce thoughts and ideas and actively address feedback from the larger community voice as well.


01-10-2020 01:24:15

Everyone is in awe about how cool that tree looks, but after a few seconds of visual appeal it just becomes visual clutter. It does not add anything to visual clarity, overview, readability, discoverability, or any other good design trait that a well-designed UI should have.

Metaphors are a good mnemonic in UX/UI design, but they should not be taken too literally, and that's what happened here. It's flashy for a blog, but affords really bad usability. I hope they have some UX designer on the team who conducts proper user tests and doesn't allow the graphics designers to flash the decision makers with cool images that look great when you play the game for 5 minutes (or never) but really annoying when you want to grind a few hours (or days or months or years) in an ARPG.

I will note that the artwork you are seeing for the tree is still very early on and conceptually hasn't gone through a good UI/UX passthrough with the team. The goal was to paint what the team was aiming for in the blog, but I would not take anything you are seeing as "This is what it will look like 1:1 in-game"

Readability will be huge. It has to makes sense. The team is aware on that one.


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