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I’m using the Serpent Sparker that increases the number of hydras you can have active to 2 with it’s new orange text and the Etched Sigil which casts your damage spenders every second while channeling.

When channeling Disintegrate, it will summon 1 hydra, but will not summon another till the first has despawned. I would assume, with hydra as the only Damage Spender equipped, that it would be intended to summon a new hydra each second.

I’ve tested with other spenders equipped and while it will cast the other spenders it is still only one hydra.

I’ve tested this with it in the cube and equipped


06-02-2020 13:41:45

Thanks for the update, I’ll do that. Appreciate your testing!


30-09-2020 19:23:06

Hi Shoogen,

In regards to multiple API clients, we do not allow consumers to register multiple API clients simply to bypass rate limiting restrictions. However, where we do permit multiple API clients is when each client is used to consume data from a specific “region”.

After a brief review of it appears that you consume data for characters from multiple regions, so you could in theory register a client for each region and then use the associated regional client when requesting data for a character that belongs to that specific region.

  • dataforazeroth_us
  • dataforazeroth_eu
  • etc

I hope this helps.


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