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Diablo iv quarterly update - q3 when?

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I mean things that maybe are not common knowledge that might help others become better with that hero.

I have an odd one for Zarya, I’ve never even seen it in any Zarya guide/tips video. So what I used to do was close my eyes and hold down primary fire, and just before her ammo reaches zero, you’ll hear two audible “swoosh” sounds, that happen right after one another. The swoosh sounds happen around the 5-10 ammo mark, before it reaches zero, so if you train your ears to listen out for those two swooshes, you can stop holding primary fire and finish off any duel or engagement with a right click + melee which will get you much more damage than just holding down primary fire for that extra split second.

I practised this in practice range like a no life for a while until I got used to it and could get my ammo down from 100 to around 5-10 every time, allowing me to finish with extra damage combo of right click + melee.

I doubt non-Zarya mains would ever really bother learning this, but if you are one, it’s pretty damn helpful. Eventually it just becomes instinctual and you do it without even realizing and the point is obviously to do this in an actual fight without having to look down at your ammo, you just get used to the sound of your ammo almost depleting and do the combo.

22-02-2020 03:35:14

Great insights so far! Keep them coming. :slight_smile:

While not a Hero specific tip, one of my favorite things to share has always been the creative use of body blocking.

This is pretty well known but I think it’s worth sharing. If you play Mei for example and you time your Cryo-Freeze to block a Reinhardt charge into your healer or a Graviton Surge it can be a very effective way to save someone.

It works with a few other heroes as well like Zenyatta when he uses transcendence.


08-09-2020 23:19:17

This is the expected.


09-09-2020 00:31:11

Quarterly Blog.

PTR is still a bit further down.


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