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[WOW] Error: Nos saca en mitad de RBG


So I play SC Remastered on TvB mode. Every time i say lets attack RED my allies ask me what i’m talking about i say top right which is RED to me. They say thats brown to them. Why are the colors NOT syncd across the clients? its never had this issue before the new colors were added Red was RED to everyone.

I did a little more research on the subject this occurs when SC 32 bit clients and 64 bit clients are in the same game. the 32 bit clients will get a entire different color set for everyone on the board then the 64 clients will. Its a rather simple fix. I am not certain why it was not checked into because color coordination is very important when the game is being played on teams. usually its like something to the effect of help white …well if i see white as a enemy i can only take that as they want me to attack them…

Grant Davies
14-01-2020 01:34:47

Thanks for the report. We’ve got a fix in testing now.


12-12-2020 14:01:42

Buenas. Estas cosas es mejor dejarlas en el foro de WoW europeo o americano, según en qué región juegues.


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