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Season 21 July Hotfix Update for Trials of Tempest's effects

Reddit | Diablo
16-07-2020 05:16:55

The cynic in me just says that the only real way to fix this would have been to remove it.

I really hope Blizzard avoids this sort of theme in future. The killstreak theme of S19 caused them to have to release several hotfixes and all they did was patch up one issue and create another, and I think that's going to be the case again.

Honestly if they're struggling for theme ideas, they should just recycle an old season theme, rather than trying to come up with something that ultimately makes the game less enjoyable than if it was just not there at all

I think this is legitimate feedback that the team is really well aware of with this and past seasons having similar mechanics and similar fanfare. I will say that I don't think the idea of canning a theme will ever be in the mix but can look at ways of making it better or doing something else.


16-07-2020 05:17:30

Can we just shitcan the whole thing and do double bounties or double gobs again? Fucks sake.

We don't plan on canning but maybe a mid-season thing similar to last season may be a good thing to incorporate. Will stew on it with others.


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