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[WIKI-THREAD] Workshop suggestions 2!

Workshop Discussion


With the release of the workshop on live, that means that the old thread on ptr feedback is really no longer viable…Plus it kind of got buried in other threads as well there are a lot of old suggestions that were added by the devs, overall it got out-dataded fast

So I thought I’d remake it into the form of a wikithread, which makes it easier to read for everyone involved

Down below, feel free to edit the thread and add your own suggestions:

If you want to organize the thread a bunch to make it easier to read go ahead as well

Things that we want:

  • Ability to choose the next map ( to let player vote for the next map gor exemple .
  • Let us target non-player entities like BOB, turrets, shields, etc
  • Button support for Reload, Quick Melee, Weapon Switch, Spray, and directional inputs.
  • Modify ability cooldown and duration, as well as other properties such as barrier HP, resource meters and ammo/uses/charges/firerate/spread.
    • allow for Dry Firing of any ability (still uses animation without spawning hitscans, knockback or projectiles)
  • Let us save our custom strings into variables and arrays like vectors, numbers, etc
  • Modify/disable passive abilities. Includes passives that are described in the Hero Info, such Lucio’s wallride, and passives that are not, such as Lucio’s aura.
  • Modify armor, shields and temporary HP.
    • Addition: Add Sort Value To (Armor/Sheilds)/Temporary
    • Addition: Use direct values for Max H/S/A
  • A way to cleanly and forcefully end whatever action a hero is performing, be it casting an ability, using an ultimate, or firing and reloading.
  • The alteration/possible removal/prevention of status effects caused by player abilities.
  • Proper local variables (i.e. variables in the scope of a single rule, since player variables are actually global variables belonging to a player)
  • Matrix or 2D arrays
  • The ability to get the ID of created entities and text without having to call the “Last [thing]” action (since this can cause race conditions if you have multiple rules [or multiple instances of 1 rule] simultaneously creating stuff), or more generally, more actions with returns (e.g. ray cast returns the point of collision of the ray)
  • More events (Player Blocked Damage, Player Took/Dealt Damage To Pure Armor, Deal/Take Pure Sheilds, Deal/Take Health, Temp Sheild, Temp Armor, All Armor, All Sheilds, Dealt/Take Body or Crit, Ongoing All spectators, Ongoing All Interacters (Spectator/player), Etc)
  • More Event Values (Ability Used, Ult Charge Granted)
  • Team manipulation (i.e. change teams of players)
  • Declare Overtime/Sudden Death (Time) (Resetable)
  • Rectangular Prism Effects (set xyz for the sides and then the vector origin point either at a corner or at center)
  • Collision Boxes/Spheres (set positions like with prisms and spheres using radius and xyz distances, could be used almost like a map editor, but more complicated)
  • pillcasts (add radius to Raycast)
  • get/set/fire ‘input’ and ‘output’ as well as ‘button’ and ‘throttle’ (allow for controls to be tracked without being tied to a character, and character actions to be fired without being tied to the controls)
  • More status effects like “Reveal” (Widow ult) “CC immune” (Fortify) “No Gravity” (Sigma) “Poisoned” (Widow venom mine)
  • A function that detects when abilities have successfully targeted someone (Roadhog hooked someone or Reinhardt successfully pinned someone)
  • Some more primitive objects for effects. Plane, cube, cylinder, etc, with scaling/rotation.
  • Alter the opacity of effects, or at least have opaque color options.
  • More obvious/useful options for sound effects. Volume, pitch, drop-off distance, etc. & More Sound effects
  • Simpler “trigger” zones that detect when players either collide or are inside/outside. Useful for areas that are not spheres (“within radius”). Similar to Star Craft’s map editor.
    • LONG-TERM: an in-game “editor mode” where the creator can fly, clip through walls, and select, modify, and interact with invisible triggers or other objects on the map. Could be the foundation for a map editor, if you’re going to make that.
  • Spawn AI (Nulltroopers, Talon Snipers, etc., maybe as well as some new generic ones such as generic troopers or omnic civilians). AI entities could be spawned at specific locations/times, have team affiliation, and be given commands (see below).
  • a different way to store our Custom Presets, store them into files that are saved in our computers, where they can be saved and copied in case the computer is lost, as well as be edited from the outside without having to even open the game, this could even lead to the introduction of Custom codes and stuff
  • More HUD text positions. Botton-left/right/center and some positions relative to crosshair, at least.
  • A way to detect if a ray cast hits a critical area.
  • Bypass Damage: Detection. (Damage cannot be detected)
  • Bypass Damage: Sheilds (Damages Purely Health And Armor
  • Bypass Damage: Armor (Only Health/Sheilds)
  • Bypass Damage: Artificial (Only Health)
  • Bypass Damage: Pure (Only Sheilds/Armor)
  • Bypass Heal: All of the above
  • Bypass Critical Damage: Above
  • A way to update our codes to avoid outdated gamemodes. (i.e. Declare our code as “outdated” and make it redirect to a new code)
  • Privacy options for workshop (e.g: Set a code to be un-editeable / only editeable for you)
  • Increased performance and removal of workshop limits, cant have a 60gb game be unable to handle a 120 KB script, Causing it to crash
  • visual effects (hacked/fortified/nano boosted/shielded/immortal/etc, but without gameplay modifications)
  • advanced ray casts (can optionally search for players, entities, facing, positions, normals, map boundaries, etc in one sweep and outputs an array accordingly)
  • Temporarily Modify Value (as modify value, but with a timer until it reverses it’s calculation. Allow for values to remain static or be revelauated)
  • Set Cooldown Ui (edit the cooldown Ui tied to any button - can set custom icons and add revealuating numbers over the top of them - creates new icons if not existing - null removes the icon, default resets - none of this effects actual cooldowns)
  • Generic FFA/Team game modes. Namely, modes that display points for each player/team - but points can only be gained or lost through workshop rules. It would allow custom games to define their own rules for winning without cheating the deathmatch score board or using the skirmish game mode. It’d also allow the mode maker to use any map they need, like using the full map of Gibraltar while still organizing players into a free for all.
  • Support for other keys not associated with an in-game action. Might be cool to have the entire numpad available to use for in-game button conditions, but many players have rebound keys, so some custom buttons may not work for them.
  • Modify team/player limits (within reason).
  • Bot Player Slots (This is to allow AI like Dummy bots to be added without counting towards the total player limit, but allows blizzard to set a bot limit)
  • Collapsible folders/collections/hierarchies.
  • Drag-and-drop.
  • Warn people exiting the game when there are unsaved changes
  • Remove the accented vowels from heroes’ names, or at least recognize unaccented versions of those characters when searching.
  • Simple, programmable AI commands. (For example, when a condition is met, all bots/AI entities within an area are instructed to move to another specified area using their own pathing and either ignore or attack enemies they encounter.)
  • Map editor
  • Detection for ammunition (player has x amount of ammo) and modification
  • Adjust brightness

Things that we asked for that were done

  • Dummy bots
    • Option to save bots as part of the preset.
  • Let us write in our own strings and not have the most limited list ever, Sure it’ll need a filter, but it would be sooo helpful I’m so sick of players asking what the heck my quest station just said or what “buy transfer” means.
  • Let us name our own variables
  • The ability to create new variables instead of having 26 for global and player.
  • Better saving system for presets so that they stop getting deleted
  • Better UI system for console workshop
  • Player recived / Player dealt Healing events

As you can see, the list is much smaller, i condensed fused and removed some things that were already done / could already be done / didnt make sense / Didnt understand / etc

Just in case, all the stuff i removed will be in the spoiler down below, if you belive i was wrong in any capacity, please feel free to edit them in once again, But try to make it more clearer in case its hard to undertand

Removed stuff
  • A set of variables belonging specifically to each team, allowing the creation of rules where each team has a separate instance of said variable in the same way that Player Variables do.
  • Position of Muzzle - only for visual effects as it may be different in first person to third.
  • Draw ray. Creates a thin, 2D, rectangular sprite, with one axis facing the player to give the appearance of thickness, along the path of a specified ray cast. Could have variable thickness and color. :star:
  • Alter the opacity of effects, or at least have opaque color options.
  • A way to pick a map for the next match in-game.
  • A modifier to change the damage that something does under certain conditions without setting the damage dealth/damage received by the attacker/victim. Examples: a character takes reduced damage from a certain angle; characters deal more damage when shooting through a special area, like Bap’s ult; an aerial character does extra damage when they hit an enemy from above.
  • A catch-all condition for debilitating status effects like Frozen and Stunned. “Is able to act” or something.
  • An event called during hit detection regardless of damage done, for use cases such as Cry Freeze and Genji’s Deflect.
  • A “Begin Heal Modification” action which allows the healing received from other players to be modified.
  • Functions / macros / custom actions (with parameters), made of multiple actions. Extreme bonus points if we can have functions with return values as well as parameters.
  • Ability to modify parameters of events (e.g. change the amount of damage dealt by an event)
  • A proper way to iterate through arrays and execute however many actions on each element of the array.
  • Add options to remove or add map objects or structures
  • Linkable Conditions (Ex. Linking Two Or More Conditions Into An Or Condition Without Using An Or Condition)
  • Critical Damage
  • Restart game action in workshop, so you can quickly restart the game
  • Access to the training mode and its map within the lobby rules.
  • The creation of training mode bots and the option to define their set behavior.
  • A built in while loop instead of having to use a Do while loop.
  • Playsound command that allows the workshop to call on any in game voiceline/sfx and play it.
  • Clicking on a number field should either highlight the entire field or nothing, instead of everything to the left of the cursor (this is rarely helpful).
  • Handle the decimal limit by rounding instead of ignoring inputs. Right now number fields only allow up to three decimal places, but they are filled with zeroes by default, so you must delete those zeroes first or you won’t be able to type anything after the decimal point.
  • Show last save time when hovering a preset.
  • More conventional save/load system for presets.
  • Organize heroes alphabetically.
Zach Metcalf
04-02-2020 15:16:29

Thanks for such great feedback on feature requests for the Workshop! We’ve been listening and we hope you guys are excited about the new PTR!


Zach Metcalf
23-04-2020 21:17:20

Hi all! Just checking in :slight_smile:

Hopefully you guys all saw the Workshop Update in the PTR Patch Notes!

Just wanted to say thanks again for all the great feedback. We hope to keep adding in more and more of the stuff you want/need/ask for.

Keep making awesome Workshop modes!


Zach Metcalf
16-07-2020 00:58:32

Hope you all have fun :slight_smile:


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