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Diablo IV Quarterly Update - Q2 June 2020

General Discussion
25-06-2020 21:59:49

Hey all,

The second quarterly update for Diablo IV is now now live! This is intended to be a dedicated thread for that purpose, and our developers will be prioritizing reviewing feedback or discussion here.

Please note that this is a dedicated thread intended for player discussion and we may not respond to or immediately answer questions in this thread at this time. We may consider questions or feedback here for future inclusion in Quarterly Updates, and look forward to reading your thoughts!

If you’d like to recap or revisit previous posts on the announcement or ongoing insights on Diablo IV development, you can see everything here:


25-06-2020 23:22:11

Just a reminder that items you are seeing are still very much work-in-progress. The team will delve more into items/itemization in future blogs along with talents as noted by Luis.


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