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Opinions on (recent) Malganis Changes

Reddit | heroesofthestorm
23-06-2020 19:22:30

I pretty much agree. As a tank main it's sad to see that my favorite build [T1121111,MalGanis] only got nerfes and no buffs. Especially since it didn't feel too strong compared to tanks like ETC or Johanna. Also I guess the next most powerful build will be the auto-attack build which is even harder to pull off against those two heroes.

I am not saying Malganis won't be viable, but you probably have to play him differently.

Firstly, I hear you and we went back a bit on his Health nerf due to feedback, though I am a little scared of him being too strong overall with the talent survivability gains that he's receiving, but data will make the picture much more clear once we get some so i'm not overly concerned for his long term competitiveness.

In general though you are correct in that we have been moving in the direction of having more impactful talents at the sacrifice of some base kit stats. This isn't true all the time and i'm not saying we're going to do this for everyone, but as a general statement the game is more interesting and fun when hero talents are more powerful. The different build paths and playstyles that taking different talents can create is a large part of what makes Heroes so fun to play and interesting to theorycraft about, so leaning into powerful talents makes sense to us.


23-06-2020 23:09:58

Do you think this could have the effect of a hero feeling underpowered/useless/fundamentally missing power budget until they reach certain talent tiers, and get pressure hard by higher base-stat-heros until that point?

If taken to an extreme, definitely.


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