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Please display ping during main menu

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Dear Blizzard,

I regularly enter games without realizing my ping is ultra high, because there’s no lag/ping indicator in the top corner when in the main menu; so I have no reason to believe I’m lagging until I’m in the game and it’s too late to leave.

Could you add a ping indicator while in the main menu please ;-;

We’re already logged in at that point so in principle it should be doable without too much hassle :V

Thanks for reading, have a nice day :3

20-06-2020 12:04:28

Hi Meteotrix!

I’d recommend following this guide if your connection is regularly problematic:

If you’re looking for a general latency overview you can even do this outside of OW with :

It’s not an in-game lobby ping, but I hope it helps a little :slight_smile:


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