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Does Matthew Cederquist Still Work Here?

General Discussion

Why does this man not post anymore? I checked his Word around the sewing circle is that he still works at Blizzard. Is he silenced by the man? He used to contribute a lot to the community.

I’ll let you all into a little secret. No matter what Blizzard designers post on the forums. It isn’t going to be picked up by Kotaku or any other blogs. No one cares about Diablo 3 aside from people who play it.

Please let our devs post freely on the forums.

19-06-2020 00:14:39
  1. Ceder is still here. Talk to him daily :slight_smile:
  2. It may seem like the developers should be able to spend hours of their day to chime into conversations and post whatever they want, but in reality, it is time consuming. That is where the Community teams come in and help funnel specific topics that do receive a lot of discussion or something that fans are passionate about. We still plan on doing so for all games including Diablo 3.

Matthew Cederquist
19-06-2020 00:28:15

Still here friends. Always watching and reading feedback :metal:


19-06-2020 01:57:58

Yes but will caveat that things can always change. But I have read it/gone through it.


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