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Can the new duckie mount be adapted to Carbot's stick horse?

Reddit | heroesofthestorm
17-06-2020 17:43:23

Rubber duck mounts?? I must have totally missed the mention in any of the news posts or trailers, care to enlighten me?

For carbot stick horse mount, YES!

We love the stick horse too!

The animation used on Pumped up Pato is the the same as the animation we use for some of our four legged friends you've been riding for years. We have talked for many years on how to get this mount in game and we believe we have a plan but it will not be any time soon. This mount would mean we have to touch 89+ heroes minus the ones who would not be able to ride said mount (sorry Azmodan and Abathur) and give them new animations. That's a big commitment to one mount.

We want to do it. If our plan goes well you still won't see it any time soon because of the time commitment. so hopefully one day and with the blessing of our best friend we'll see this guy in the nexus.


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