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WoW Last Login Timestamp and API Performance

API Discussion
  1. I am using the “last_login_timestamp” field from calling the WoW Character Profile API for all the guild members in the guild roster to determine if each guild member has recently had data updated.
    My problem is that I have to do 1000 Char Profile API calls for a guild of 1000 members to see which guild members have had changes, and that alone takes approx 3 minutes even with using a multi-threaded app with 10 threads running.
    If the “last_login_timestamp” field was returned for each guild member in the Guild Roster API, then I would only have to do that one API call in less than 1 second, rather than the 3 minutes and 1000 Character API calls to determine which guild members have been updated, at present.
    This would make my guild roster update scans have a massive performance improvement by a factor of 1000, would cause much less hit on the wow api servers and less web traffic etc.
    Please provide the last_login_timestamp for each guild member in the WoW Guild Roster API to dramatically improve guild roster data update scans.

  2. The “last_login_timestamp” field returned from calling the WoW Character Profile API actually contains the Last Logout Timestamp, not the Last Login Timestamp.
    It is great that the value it actually contains is the Last Logout timestamp because that is the timestamp when the data changes were actually committed for a character.
    If it contained the Last Login Timestamp then it would not be possible to accurately determine if a change has recently been made or not.
    However, this field should be renamed to be called “last_logout_timestamp” to avoid confusion and make data change comparisons more obvious.

16-06-2020 17:42:52

Grettings everyone,

Thank you for the feedback Xang and to Schiller and Erorus for weighing in with the great suggestions.

We’ve recorded this request and may consider it for future updates to the Guild Roster API. Please note that we generally do not provide status updates or ETA’s on proposed future updates.



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