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Why Blizzard? Why? When will this get fixed?

API Discussion

Here’s some feedback for you “Developers”.
This is all a bunch of BS every damn Tuesday it seems like all this crap game gets harder and harder. The 5 mask visions get tuned up the mobs hit harder and the game itself gets harder. Here’s a wild, crazy, out in left field notion… Now just bear with me on this… I’ll try to ease into it, because I know how much it satisfies you guys in the development team to screw over the player of this game. So here it goes. Ready? HOW…ABOUT…GIVING…US… THE…PROPER… GEAR… TO… ACCOMPLISH… THIS… JUNK… WITH!!! Mother of god! What an idea! Would it kill you guys that the player actually gets the kind of gear that he or she needs and that fits their Spec?? Why is it every chest of misery day that I’m getting useless crap that I can’t even equip. How about Gorak Tul’s Mantle? How about stuff for a Balance Druid? Instead I get Moss Covered Wingtip Shoes absolutely useless garbage that I can’t equip and that serves me no purpose for getting any of this content done. One more wasted week to the heap. Now give me your generic bogus response so I can move on and get even more infuriated.

09-06-2020 22:50:11

Hi Izzyhim,

Apologies for the frustration you are experiencing, however, we aren’t able to address your concerns here on the API Discussion forums. You’ll want to head over to the game forums for World of Warcraft or Hearthstone to provide this feedback. You can find links to those forums via and

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