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So I got silenced for a month on the US forum

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You know what there was a thread about sexism.

I posted “Hey girls, make me a sandwich”.

Clearly a tongue in cheek joke, and this is the result.

Over zealous or feminist mods or what?

20-05-2020 15:34:52

Loutish, you made a sexist joke in a thread about the challenges women experience in games, in relation to sexism. This is absolutely in penalty land. Even at the most forgiving level, you would be actioned just for the trollyness of it. As for the severity, yes 30 days is a long time, I agree. If it was your first offence it wouldn’t have been so severe, but you’ve been penalized multiple times before. In fact the penalty was your final warning.

Myself and the US moderators have reviewed your participation in the US Overwatch forums. Sadly, as you’ve shown no remorse, or understanding that your “joke” is clearly unacceptable, combined with your past history, it is with regret that we’ve had to remove you from participation on the Overwatch forums permanently in both the EU and US. Normally you would simply receive an email about this (which you will) but I want everyone else to also know discrimination is not a joke, it is not okay, and it is not welcome in our games.

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