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Raynor and Li Li are not good recommendations for new players

Reddit | heroesofthestorm
19-05-2020 18:58:55

There's a lot going on in this game, and even movement does not come naturally to many people who are new to MOBAs. I think Raynor is a great new hero, as he can be very forgiving to new players. Has a self heal and two other skills that are super easy to understand.

Valla and LiMing I would NEVER recommend, as they can spend a lot of time -dead- if you dont know basic "dont stand in the front" positioning or movement.

Lili and Raynor are recommended because they are sturdy, and their skills are easy to understand. No new player wants to spend half the game dead.

Jaina is a good recommendation, and a common one, as her big flashy numbers are fun, and she doesn't die when sneezed at.

I as a somewhat experienced player find Raynor and Lili fun and interactive to play, because of all the other factors outside ones own hero that make this game interesting. I don't see why a new player wouldnt.

Maybe i'm weird, but i've probably played more than 15,000 games at this point and I still find Raynor to be pretty engaging, especially since his last rework. Even though his kit is more basic, he still greatly rewards good fundamentals and has some micro decisions that keep me constantly engaged. A few examples are:

  1. Deciding where to use my empowered Basic Attack from his trait is a constant decision that changes my positioning in small ways to get the maximum amount of value. This alone keeps me fairly engaged with Raynor for the entire game.

  2. Resetting my Basic Attack with Inspire to get double attacks at critical moments, especially when combining this with Give 'Em Some Pepper, gives me some good burst potential and allows me to get value out of various talents when I otherwise wouldn't be able to.

  3. Properly using Penetrating Round is incredibly rewarding, whether it's to interrupt a channel that I know is coming like Mosh Pit, or to deny another hero's important cooldown, such as a Mal'ganis who just channeled Night Rush to make my team go to sleep.

I'm not saying that Raynor is the most complicated hero ever, but I think he teaches fundamentals like positioning and proper cooldown usage very well, and I find him to be engaging enough to enjoy playing even as an advanced player.


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