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Why dose this sub seem to hate each and every change?

Reddit | heroesofthestorm
18-05-2020 21:23:58

Those are my conclusions based on observation and reasoning.

For example, the patch notes said "our design philosophies have changed" with Cassia. My conclusion, based on that statement, other statements, and their choices, it that they don't understand older design decisions.

Lately, their "design decisions" have pretty consistently been things that gold ranked and lower players like or that are to their benefit. My conclusion is that the designers are at that low skill level or that they are re-designing the game for low skill level players.

If they want to keep going that route then fine, but I will speak out against it and if it gets too bad I'll have to go elsewhere.

Hate to rain some observations on this reasoning parade, but I don't think anyone on the design team has been working on this game for less than four years. Most of us were directly involved in making these "older design decisions".

Our team members feature a wide variety of skill levels, from goof league to single digit GMs, not that this is entirely relevant to our aptitudes in design. We're not designing a game with the intent that only a tiny fraction of the community can enjoy it.


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