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Can we test experimental card changes in a practice range?

General Discussion

Please? Just make an experimental card practice room.

That’s it. That’s all this post is about.

Jeff Kaplan
13-05-2020 02:40:27

we’ll try to figure something out. i understand where you’re coming from on this one.


Jeff Kaplan
13-05-2020 02:50:07

welp… my team is laughing at me right now.

you can already do this in the game browser by creating a custom game, putting up the practice range and enabling experimental

we can look into making the process a little more streamlined though


Jeff Kaplan
13-05-2020 02:53:55

go to game browser
create game
choose preset: practice range
go to “lobby” options
choose “enable” for “use experimental if available”


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