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Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes - May 6th 2020

Reddit | heroesofthestorm
07-05-2020 02:41:55

I just have to say that regardless of anything else in the patch, giving Tracer a talent called Chrono Triggers is a grade A+ perfect reference-pun.



07-05-2020 03:43:14


EDIT: New Talent: Protector of Aiur [Passive]-Quest: Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes increase Artanis’s Attack Damage by .1%. Takedowns grant 1% bonus damage.

This looks utter trash tier. I need to AA enemy heroes 100 times for 11 extra AA baseline damage? Sometimes Zul'Jin, a ranged hero with rapid AAs, can't get to 75 stacks if the enemy avoids giving you stacks, how the hell will a melee hero with slow auto attacks stack this?

The value needs to be doubled at least, and then it will be still worthless since it's competing with Amateur Opponent.

EDIT: I judged this talent too harshly. It's excellent for healer-less Quick Match games where people drop like flies: I have yet to try it in a proper high-tier game though.

We originally tried .2% per stack and it was very bonkers.

Then we tried .15% per stack and it was regular bonkers.

It's now at .1% per stack, and once we get data we'll tune accordingly. :)


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